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About Us

Padaayi is a business firm and a platform for the society, aimed to tune back our education patterns. We develop and encourage our users who are having love of pursuing their passion of life in various coliseums, through project & practical oriented workshops and session talks lead by eminent personalities of a ground. We offer Internships in start-ups as our flagship service to graduating users. Our today's education system is meant to create homogenous drones to perform recursive tasks in a prescribed consensus, where human being is a robot with unsatisfied human attributes irrespective of talent and passion, where again your passionate success is appreciated and this system is incorporated into our education tree by East India Company which needs to be plucked out, So is our ultimate target.Surplus, we offer various valued features targeted towards the development of skill & knowledge acquisition of the user.
Get geared up to renew your passion with Padaayi and join the family,


We provide these services


Workshops to endorse students with practical knowledge and confidence of reliability.

Youtube Channel

In this student can go through different tutorials in differnt programming languages given by students and teacher's.

Orientation Classes & Guest Lectures

By this student will know about the Technology and Practicality in their respective courses.

Meet the team behind our work

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S.Adithya Sarma


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Dilip Kumar


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